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More than pet management!

Everyday animal welfare organizations all over the country are realizing the benefits of Spott, an online pet management system built to make life just a little bit easier.

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A better way to manage pets...

Spott is focused on providing simple, easy to use software to manage pets. Our approach is to cut through the unnecessary clutter that plagues most pet management systems and provide you an exceptionally easy to use tool to manage your pets. Animal welfare is complicated enough. Managing pets shouldn't be. Discover Spott Features

Simple software... our philosophy

At Spott, we believe that software should make your day a little easier. It should do exactly what you need it to do and nothing more. Less features to bog you down and fewer contrived interfaces means fewer headaches and less frustration. When it comes to managing pets, Spott is a workhorse that you'll love. Read our manifesto!

When Spott came across my desk I was skeptical. No way something so easy on the eyes could also be what we needed - or what my networking partners needed. Not only has Spott fit all of our requirements, the development team is very open to suggestions for additions and improvements. 

~ Rebecca Rodgers, SPCA of Franklin County


Get a snapshot of pets, notes, tasks and adoption request quickly and easily.


Manage all of your users in one place, whether employee, volunteer or foster home.


Easy to manage pet lists - flexible view, one-click actions and customizable search.

Notes, Tasks

Add notes, tasks and comments to any of your pets and share it with collegues.

register-smallSpott is fast becoming a top choice for animal welfare organizations everywhere.  You'll love using Spott.